Unique Insights,
Network &
Highly specialized on IT, business process and process automation markets

In rapidly changing market environments, such as the IT and business process service industries, a deep understanding, a wide industry network, experiences in effective marketing and communication tactics are indispensable.

Compare to other PR and marketing agencies, we are deeply embedded in the European and global markets and possess therefore the much needed insights to develop individual and effective strategies and campaigns for our partners.
Unique combination

Industry Insights + Communication Expertise

More than 10 years experiences in working with service buyers, influences, consultants, public administration, and national and international service providers gives as a unique insight into the technology and business process services industry, our and foreign markets.

Being communication experts we combine this knowledge to create effective public relations, communication, marketing and sales strategies.

Our goal is to improve quality and results of marketing output, increase recognition and reputation and thus contribute to sustainable market and business development for our clients.

+ companies worked with

Years marketing, PR & sales experiences

thousand campaign output

Articles on ITO, BPO, SSC, RPA published

+ Own communication channels


We have been working with companies and public organizations from many countries, providing marketing, communication, market intelligence and networking support.

Those countries included: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal, China, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Turkey, Armenia, Spain, UK, Ukraine, Romania, The Caribbeans, Kosovo and others.

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Working with us

Local marketing, communication or PR support is often a necessity, especially when working on foreign markets. Therefore you need a partner who understands you and your business, has an international business practice and expereinces and can substitute the lack of local market knowledge and network.

We are deeply enbedded into the German and European but also global IT- and business process services industry, why we add a very unique market perspective and approach to any activity.

Our core team consists of expereinced multi-domain experts, specialized in handling entire development, production and communication processes of organizations, that wish to increase their footprint on the German, European and global market.The team has been working with organizations and business leaders from the IT and business process services sector in different countries. 

Stephan works with leading organizations from buyer, provider, and consulting side and also with industry associations and government organizations, concentrating on improving market conditions for IT, BPO and SSC services as well as for Process Automation in Germany and Europe.
Manager, Advisor, Writer, Developer, Designer & Producer
Marketer, Producer, Business & Social Media Manager
Brigitta has a wide range of experience in social media and online marketing, market research, writing, editing, media production and publishing. 

She is a communication and presentation problem solver and leads most of the production, promotion and distribution aspects of our projects.

Unique market insights

Flexible working models

Deep industry knowledge

Personal contact

Large inter-/national network


We have been working with organisations including: World Trade Organisation / United Nations / Intracen (Switzerland), GIZ (Germany), Itella (Finland), CBI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Netherlands), Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Deutscher Outsourcing Verband (German Outsourcing Association), Outsourcing Journal, Jlabs (PL), EGS (US, AR), UCMS (TMF Group, PL), Assist Digital (Italy), Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (Germany) and others.

In addition to these direct engagements we were working with a couple of hundred people and organizations in the IT, business process, shared services and public sector, that were involved in projects with our clients, like events, publications, public relations and others.
Get in touch!

Contact us for any questions related to the market for IT-, business process, and Shared services as well as for robotic process automation in Germany and Europe. We are happy to provide first advisory free of charge to ensure you are heading in the right direction.