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We provide 360 degree market service from advisory, over individual market segment reaserch, marketing strategies, individual campaign support, public relations and communication activities.

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Strategies & Tactics



Organizations often benefit from an outside view, specialized knowledge and market insights when it comes to develop, structure and plan effective PR, communication and marketing activities.

We provide the much needed market insights to support decisions, while you benefit from our 360° industry view on the German but also on international markets for IT, business process and process automation services. We develop roadmaps that lead to a sustainable international marketing practice and successful business expansion.
Interactive communi-cation



We close gaps in your in-house marketing competencies and resources and we let you benefit from our unique sector marketing experiences.

Probably no other marketing agency has comparable industry insights on national and international level.
That's why we are able to provide effective individual marketing support, including strategic advisory, campaign planning and execution, media production, distribution, event organisation and more.
Creating Recognition



Creating recognition for your company, its services and competencies by engaging via different media and channels is part of any marketing strategy.

To run successful public relation activities companies need knowledge of local markets, incl. media preferences, target groups, and trends, media consumption, use of language and so on. 

Here we help with our insights, effective tactics and hands-on services in writing, editing, translating, media relations, distribution, channels and more.
Information & Reputation

We support foreign tech and business services sectors, investment promotion agencies and ministries with unique activities to inform target markets about local conditions and opportunities, to build cross-boarder networks, to increase recognition and to build reputation.For instance, we produce and distribute industry information guides, arrange event partnerships and apply classical and new marketing tactics in order to shape the reputation of tech and business process services industries.
Under-standing Markets



Especially when acting on foreign markets it is essential to develop a good understanding of the conditions, incl. insight into your target segments, demand situation and its influencer, accepted and effective marketing methods, competition and more.

We help generate data and or analyse individual market elements, e.g. for finance and accounting, IT or call center services.
Leads & Contacts



Generating new leads and business contacts can be challenging, especially when acting on new markets such as Germany.

We provide advisory, develop and support the implementation of sustainable lead generation practices, such as own and external events, webinars and other activities. 

The challenge here is to make these activities as efficient as possible, because being at the wrong event for instance, is expensive and wont help you.
Building Knowledge



Building, improving or optimizing in-house marketing and sales competencies is an important activity for any organization. Because ultimately the success of the entire organization depends on it.

We develop individual workshops and training activities for:
- understanding target markets
- identifying prospects
- general communication
- marketing practice 
- sales strategies and sales activities
- sector promotion and strategies
Market and Methods


Our advantage is the deep insight into the German and European IT-, business process, shared service and automation industryWe understand both - buyers and provider side and can therefore develop effective communication and presentation strategies.

Our network within the IT- BPO, SSC and RPA industry is several thousend contacts strong and contains buyers, influencers, providers, public administration and government representatives.
Local expertise
Market experts
Industry experts
Own Channels
Dedicated media
Industry network
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Local campaigns
Social media campaigns
Market intelligence
Content marketing
Web development
Content design
Media production
Writing / texting / editing
Events / event support
Audit & advisory
Lead generation
Translations / localization
Market research
Our PR and marketing development principles

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