See some of our work

Specialized public relations, marketing and research services since 2010

We have been working for a number of industry associations, public organizations, IT- and business process service providers in Germany and Europe. 

We developed business models, marketing and communications strategies and were involved in campaign work, incl. advertising, media production, web development, event organization, lead generation, publishing and more.

Here we showcase a couple of work samples.

German Process Automation Association

Business Development, Concept, Consulting, Event, Management, Marketing, Media Production, Public Relations, Social Media, Web Development

Outsourcing Destination Guides – Series

Business Development, Concept, Media Production, Publishing, Web Development
Organizations we have been working with

World Trade Organisation / Uinted Nations / Intracen (Switzerland), Itella (Finland), CBI (Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Netherlands), Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Deutscher Outsourcing Verband (German Outsourcing Association), Outsourcing Journal, Jlabs (PL), EGS (US, AR), UCMS (TMF Group), Assist Digital (Italy), Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (Germany) and others.

In addition to these direct engagements we were working with a couple of hundred people and organizations in the IT, business process, shared services and public sector, that were involved in projects with our clients, like events, publications, public relations and other.