Flexible and transparent  
- pricing options

Our pricing reflects on our unique combination of deep market insights and marketing & PR expertise and allows you to take advantage of our knowledge and local resources.
All around market support
On-going market support pricing

Your in-house marketing can rarely cover different markets at once. Especially when you are new to a market you need local marketing and communication KNOWLEDGE and RESOURCES. That’s where we help with our experiences and localised marketing and PR services.

Knowledge & Execution
from 1.500

per month (vol./task depend.)

  • Monthly retainer
  • Flexible hourly
  • Services included
  • Individual service plan
  • ... and more.
Strategy & Advisory
69 - 49

per hour (volume dependent)

  • Strategies
  • Marketing plans
  • Research
  • Event concepts
  • ... and more.
Knowledge and experiences
Strategy and advisory pricing

You need advisory on local market opportunities, developement of a dedicated market / marketing strategy or plan? Or do you want to gain insights into specific target industries and regions? Due to our daily work in the market we not only understand your business situation, but also give you the right information, sound advise and hands-on support.

Execution and creative
PR and marketing services pricing

You want to run a localized campaign, but lack knwoledge on local market / marketing / communication? Or do you need temporarely additional / local resources? Then this is a good option for you to work with us on a project basis.

PR & Marketing
49 - 29

per hour (task dependent)

  • Writing, texting, editing
  • Campaigns, social
  • Advertising
  • Media production
  • ... and more.
We provide a combination of knowledge and resources to help you to fill gaps in your in-house marketing and communication.

Unlike any regular PR agency we are deeply embedded into the German and European IT and business process services industry and combine this knowledge and our experiences with profound marketing and communication expertise. 

Our pricing reflects on our unique expertise and allows everyone to take advantage of our knowledge and local resources.